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Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG (, German pronunciation: [zɛnˈhaɪ̯zɐ]) is a German privately held audio company specializing in the design and production of a wide range of high fidelity products, including microphones, headphones, telephone accessories and aviation headsets for personal, professional and business applications. The company's head office is located in Wedemark, near Hanover, and the company is represented in more than 50 countries worldwide.


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Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"To begin with this job can be enjoyable, but slowly the job becomes a bore. You will be doing the same job day in day out with no real motivation. The people who work there make the job. Cons: Managers"

DEALER CHANNEL MANAGER (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed selling great products and worked with some great co-workers but poor, and constantly changing management. Good benefits and work-life balance."

Assistant commercial (Former Employee) says

"Isolement lié à la situation géographique."

National Director - Sales (Former Employee) says

"Company with Great Potential, need for speed in innovations"

Research Engineer in Spatial Audio (internship) says

"Good but not very honest with there employees. My internship was almost unsupervised. I enjoy being autonomous but they did not provide the minimum following to complete my research in good condition."

Former Employee - AREA SALES MANAGER says

"I worked at Sennheiser full-time for more than a year Cons: Indian Management.....expected behaviour to be professional being a German MNC, but boy was I wrong.Even the HR team is useless."

Former Employee - Test Manager says

"I worked at Sennheiser full-time Cons: no pension. no growth potential. poor overall management. worse of all, employees engage in harassment and bullying tactics to maneuver power of individuals and colleagues."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Sennheiser full-time Cons: Many. The politics, the power struggles, talent gets treated very poorly and training is non existent. Unless of course if you're after a history lesson which has nothing to do with relevance to your role"

Current Employee - Software Developer says

"I have been working at Sennheiser full-time for more than 5 years Cons: - Low chances of getting promoted / growing up in the company - Questionable decision making in the manager board - A lot of what is being said how we should act is just kept as phrases but is never lived."

Current Employee - Production Technician says

"I have been working at Sennheiser full-time for more than a year Cons: very repetitive work. insurance plan only decent. short breaks and lunches. advancement opportunities unclear. production of goods seems like backbone of company, but feel treated as near bottom of the totem pole."


"I worked at Sennheiser Cons: The directions were not clear in the project, and they do not treat their talent that well."

Senior Electronic Technician says

"I have been working at Sennheiser Cons: Not meritocracy minded Pay is below the average minumum specified by DOL Promotional opportunities can be limited"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Sennheiser full-time Cons: Cannot learn much. For corporate ladder, this is not a good place to stay"

Product Creation says

"I have been working at Sennheiser Cons: Too conservative in investments, especially in new tech. Consensus-driven decision making takes too long and gets compromised. Lots of reports, like public-listed company (but is private). Focus is still skewed towards EU and N.Am..."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Sennheiser full-time for more than 8 years Cons: Top management lacks direction, constantly changing their stances - some of them are just power hungry and are constantly busy playing politics then doing the real work because they don't know how to perhaps."

Anon Reviewer says

"I had purchased Sennheiser headphones about 10 years ago. Excellent quality for the price. Some years later I bought another Sennhesier headset. GSP 300 to be exact. It disintegrated both on the cable (in the middle, fraying to absolute destruction) and the earmuffs. Sennheiser told me it was a subsidiary company product that has since split off and they are not responsible for the malfunctioned headset containing their brand. As such I am entitled to no warranty or compensation and must seek it through another company that is now completely separated from Sennheiser. The customer service is absolutely terrible and they do not stand behind any of their products that are sub-par in quality. I paid the same price for the original and the....what I can only now refer to as \"the knock-off\" brand headset, and Sennheiser didn\'t try to make things right. They don\'t care about their customers or the fact they mislead them to buying shoddy products from \"other companies\" with the Sennheiser name branded on them. They\'ve lost me as a customer for life because of this experience and I will recommend everyone I know to stay away from this company and their shoddy products. "

AnonyMouse says

"Bought a pair of headphones from Sennheiser. After about a year the speakers blew and sound all crackled on certain bass tones. Sennheiser refuses to replace them since they are out of warranty. I paid $350 for this headset and now it\'s literally trash. "

Watt & Co Accountants Ltd says

"I ordered 2 Sennheiser AVX MKE IIs Lav mics totalling nearly £1500 on 9/1/21 directly from Sennheiser (or so I was led to believe). rang them today to find out where items are as no emails apart from order confirmation from Sennheiser Customer Services. I ordered items prior to this from USA & China and they have all arrived since. Anyway woman on phone was very apologetic but useless, didn't know where items where, still in warehouse, picked up from delivery company...nothing but apologising every second sentence. Asked to speak with her manager as I wanted to know exactly when I'd be receiving items and she didn't know anything either but another apology. Then she told me that she'd try and contact Sennheiser?? I said ' I thought you were Sennheiser?' and she then said no, they were another company. When I asked her what her company was called she said she never had that information to hand and when I pushed her further she said it was a company called Digital River whoever they are. I thought I was buying directly from Sennheiser not a third party in Far East or I never would have bothered ordering them. I then told her I wanted to cancel the whole order as they had no idea the items would arrive and 'Angelica' told me I couldn't get a refund until id received the goods and sent them back which I told her was absolute b*****ks! Terrible and it has tainted Sennheiser's name to me. I would never consider buying their equipment again. Now going to buy for Rode or someone else. Sennheiser should make it very clear that customers aren't dealing with them but a company in Far East. Very deceptive."


"Ill never buy nice headphones from here again. Had hd8 dis and payed 250 for them they had lost a screw and the headphone had fallen down by the wire but still worked. I told them and they said send it back and i did. I recieved an entirely different pair that cost half as much. When i asked for my originals back they said they were gone and dont do repairs here or carry that model anymore. So why are you taking them?? Horrible customer service"

Richard says

"Awful experience with support team. I purchased the HD 800 headphones in 2017. I used them at most once a week on average. They're treated with utmost care - after all they are not cheap. Several weeks ago the cable started fraying on the wire from the headphones to the splitter; it just started falling apart exposing the inner wires. Although out of warranty I thought this was unacceptable and as a high end company I thought they should replace the cable. (In the past I have had good experience with companies backing their product outside of their warranty). When contacting support they said to send an email to the supervisor. I did so on three occasions (from different email addresses) and got no reply. I emailed any executives I could find including corporate - again no replies. I reluctantly joined Facebook and contacted Jörk Meyerrose the Director of the Consumer Division at Sennheiser and he replied but directed the issue to the Support team. I followed up with Jork indicating that they have not contacted me and received no reply. The Sennheiser Social Media team also proved hopeless. They indicated that support already contacted me but this was not true. I am surprised that this, or any company, would behave in such a unprofessional manner and would caution folks to think twice before purchasing a Sennheiser product."

David Iaria says

"Bought their topmodel GSP600 for gaming. It is a great headset which i was satisfied with. After a couple of months, a crackling sound started occuring if i touched one of the earcups even slightly. I contacted their support to, as i expected, send the product back and recieve a model without errors. After a couple of tries to explain the issue, but the support worker demanding a photo of the broken headset i simply had to give up on communicating productively with them. I have now bought a headset from one of their biggest competitors and i would recommend everyone else to do the same. This is the lowest level of costumer support i have tried within the gaming-sphere which i thought was pretty heavily contested for costumers. I am approx. $250 poorer which i have a couple of months old broken heaset in my drawer. Probably one of the biggest wastes of money i have done this year so far."

Terri White says

"Please note - this review in on Sennheiser customer service - not the product. I placed my order 30 days ago. The order was quickly processed and I received a shipping notice three days after ordering. The item is still showing that it is ready for UPS. Although UPS has not received it, they will not reship or refund the item. I have been told three times that they need to investigate the order and will get back with me. No one has contacted me yet. Definitely the last time I will risk ordering directly from Sennheiser."

Peter Ferris says

"True Wireless Earbuds. Sennheiser claim a 4-hour battery life with a further 8 hours via the case. I was getting around 4 all up so returned the earbuds under warranty. Second pair were no better and I was told the case was defective and a new pair sent. Third pair gives me 8 hours, still well short of the advertised 12 hours. I've given up and will try Sony next time. I've been a loyal Sennheiser customer for 20 years. Very disappointed."

Jolene Langman says

"Bought the most highly rated headphones as a gift and spent several hours trying to connect them. Rang Sennheiser Australia only to be told that half of them don't work and aren't compatible. No apology. No offering to do anything about it. Told me it's up to me to take them back to the shop and change them. The guy was really rude. I would buy this brand again at all."

David G. says

"I wrote to Sennheiser to detail multiple issues with my three year old Momentum II wireless headphones and to inquire about options for repairing, replacing them or discounting a new pair. I had to write 5 times within 10 days owing to the fact that they use cut and paste form responses and they don't read what customers write. They STILL have not answered one of my three questions, and they refuse to do anything resembling a fair and decent approach to helping a customer deal with a shoddy product. Instead, they told me I could order a new pair at the price posted on their website rather than the partner employee discounted price that was advertised on my company's website. They were not willing to work with me in any way, instead, they hid behind a facade of being a large company and unable to find the information I referred to in my correspondence. They play games, they don't read customer responses and respond as a person would, and their products are not worth what they sell them for. I strongly advise anyone reading this to read other reviews of this company and their competitors (Audio-Technica, BOSE, Shure, Sony, etc.) and buy from the company whose product meets your listening needs and whose customer service ratings are better than Sennheiser's. All I wanted them to do was honor the discount they posted and respond *accurately* within a reasonable time frame to my written inquiry. To date, they have done neither, including the phone call I finally had with one of their reps. Good luck in your search."

ed abrahamian says

"I expected more from a brand like Sennheiser... I ordered my GSP370 headset after a lengthy search for WIRELESS BLUETOOTH headsets that work with Macs. Well, it turns out that it's neither wireless nor bluetooth! If you are using a Macbook pro, you don't have any USB ports to plug the dongle into. And, like most business users, the chances are that you have a type-C port extender that gives you USB ports, HDMi connections etc. So, if like me you have connected your GSP370 dongle into that extender, you are basically desk-bound. The headphones don't have on-board bluetooth either, so you can't pair it with your macbook's bluetooth. To add to all of that, whether the apps recognise the device and switch to using it is also a hit & miss affair. I've now had to revert to using my trusty old Samsung in-ear headset that came with my phone. It works every time, has better noise cancelling and doesn't weigh a tonne!"

John Taylor says

"Ordered replacement cord for my wife's Sennheiser headphones and they sent me a tracking number that didn't exist. Had to call them to get the proper tracking number. I then found out that my order was being held by FedEx at the US/Canadian border because it was deemed a security risk??? I called Sennheiser (Digital River) about not receiving my cord & was then given a new order number. It has been well over a month for their overpriced replacement cord & nothing, not even refund for my order. This will be the one & only purchase of Sennheiser equipment & will purchase a more premium brand with a better reputation. Buyer beware, stay away from Sennheiser. Very poor customer service."

REDLINE007 says

"I just placed an order for Momentum Wireless 3 headphones it cost almost $600 here in Canada. I placed my order yesterday at 3 pm soon after the order I look at my email and I haven't receive any order confirmation nothing. I started to worry after 3 hours of no correspondence, I looked everywhere my inbox, my scam folder NO EMAILS FROM SENNHEISER! Is this a joke? I order 15$ flowers from a local small business and I got an instant email with my number order confirmation but such a large company as Sennheiser can't send me an email so I know did my order went through or what! So, I am waiting 5 hours no emails, I am going online trying to open the shopping car and it says it's empty, so I email the technical support next day end of the day no emails from anyone at Sennheiser! I thought maybe my order didn't go through so maybe I have to go and buy a pair again, I log in to my credit card statement in Sennhseir withdrawn the money yesterday the moment when I purchased a $600 dollar headphones but I am yet to know the order number or what's happening. I call Sennheiser order support and the person tells me that this is normal. I might have to wait up to 72 hours for the order email confirmation after the purchase of $600 dollar headphones. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? This is 2019!!! I recently bought Sony noise-cancelling headphones, then I buy Bose for years and from any business I get an email confirmation within the first 5 minutes from order. How this even be possible??? This is SENNHEISER and it has ZERO customer support. There is no one answering emails, the website has no log in customer this is outrageous! I wonder if I even want this Momentum wireless now. I also want to add, dear team Sennhesr what's up with the constant product name change? A few years back I bought these Momentum Wireless headphones and it was called HD1, then before it was Momentum Wireless 1 or something like this now three years later on the US website it has a name Momentum Wireless 3 in Canda there is no 3 number. Is this really going to continue forever? Please pick the damn name I am so confused dear god and you charge $$$ premium for your products. I wonder with this business model there might be no Sennheiser one decade forward. After reading multiple bad reviews with people having game horrible customer service I got seriously scared that my $600 will be gone and I will have to keep calling Sennheiser for 30 days to get my refund. Today, exactly 26 hours after I placed my order (please read below on what happened) I called Sennheiser to cancel my order first person listened then asked me why do I want to cancel my order next he hang up on me! I called again and another customer representative at Senheier digital river said I CAN NOT CANCEL MY ORDER!!! He said my order in processing now and I will have to wait maybe tomorrow if I can call again they maybe will cancel my order! THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!!! I WILL NEVER BUY ONE PRODUCT FROM SENNHEISER AGAIN EVER, I WILL ALSO PASS THE MESSAGE ALONG TO EVERYONE I KNOW. This is simply torturing, I can only imagine if I would receive that Momentum Wireless 3 and it had some issues I would literally say bye-bye $600 seriously. I am heading straight to the Bose website and buying a pair of 700 headphones. I have used IE800, HD800, HD820 and all got purchased from local stores I loved the products now after this experience there is no way I would ever try it again. 3 Hours after a second phone conversation. Soon after my call to Senhaiser (first paragraph at the bottom), I wrote this review. Then I called them back to cancel my order they told me that I can't do so I have to wait till tomorrow (second paragraph). So, 3 hours later after my second call, I receive this email, finally, I got an email from Sennheiser huh...BUT it says exactly this: *read this it is as shocking, to say the least.* "Thank you for shopping with us. Unfortunately, your order has been declined." Sincerely, Digital River Customer Service So they decline my order, hmm I wonder why? Didn't I pay instantly with my credit card? Thank you"

Michael says

"Ordered the new GSP670 wireless. 2600DKK Received the e-mail that UPS had dropped it off, when I got the package from the dropoff point the 'free' mousepad and holder was missing. later it turned out that the dropoff just didn't give them to me. Feedback: Maybe write in the shipping e-mail that you're sending two packages? I get the headset, set it up, install the software. It instantly it tells me that I need to do a firmware update, after 45 min my computer crashes, and the dongle is bricked. I instantly write support. Support gets back to me after _8_ days! I use the headset with the cable, after 6 days it just bricks as well, no warning. Support only answers my question regarding the missing items first. Then they tell me that I need to go to northen zealand to visit the repair shop, between 8 and 16. so I need to get out of work early and drive ~40km... When I decline they just tell me how to return the product. I get redirected to a danish form I need to fill. After 3 days I hear back from sennheiser.. telling me they can't read the form they redirected me to because the department doesn't speak danish. (are you f... kidding me?) also they send me an address where I need to return the headset to. 5 min later I get an automated mail with a label. WITH ANOTHER ADDRESS!!!! The headset have been received by Sennheiser 4 days ago and still no refund. I would buy sennheiser products again, and I don't mind a product being DOA. But for the love of god, never shop directly from their online shop because they SUCK at customer service and online shopping."

Dianna Kenyon says

"I pre-ordered a wireless gaming headset, first they delayed the shipment by a week, and then they sent out a package that had issues so UPS sent it back without even attempting to deliver it. It was checked back into their warehouse 13 days ago. So here I am a month after my order being given the run around by a 3rd party call center that doesn't have the ability to even help me. I don't have a headset or a refund! So they are just holding my $350.00 bucks hostage. I just want my money back so I can buy a headset from any of their competitors! Oh and any emails or other numbers I have called have all been dead ends. Even the email given to me after leaving a comment on FB was a dead end that never got a response... Can you tell I'm angry?"

Timothy Hesmondhalgh says

"Sennheiser staff fine but they use Digital River for payments. And Digital River are not fine. Even the staff at Sennheiser agreed on that point so why use such an inept company for ordering. Nothing wrong with Sennheiser apart from the fact that they use Digital River which is one that they have chosen and which they are now responsible for. Items will be returned and and alternative manufacturer used"

tarekmg says

"I bought earbuds Momentum True Wireless model M3IETW on 28 September 2019 and since then I having trouble with connection to the phone. In the beginning after several failed attempt to connect to my phone Samsung Note 5. Then I installed the android application and found that a firmware update is required from 1.25.0 to 1.27.0 in which was done. However, after several unsuccessful failed pairing attempt and for reasons beyond my knowledge, the first pairing attempt was successful. But since then I experience very strange behavior of non-connection. As I am not a heavy user of phones and in some calls when I am getting the buds out of its box to reply, I hear the message “POWER ON NOT CONNECTED”. After the call is finish, and after several trails of turning of phone Bluetooth off and on again, launching your phone application, holding both the buds to try pairing, several unsuccessful pairing attempt, suddenly and without any obvious reason, the earbuds is paired. This is frustrating and really the earbuds is not performing its functions in the required time at all. I had contacted the Customer support and had received email confirmation that they contact me since 5 days. They do not seems to care."

Lewis Clark says

"As I'm currently seating hear listen to music with my Sennheiser headphone I thought what best time to talk about this protect. I've used sennheiser hd25 for years as I dj and always been the industry-standard headphones to use. Perfect So I thought I would treat myself to another pair for my personal use. Went through to they site to place my order. All went well until the next day I hadn't had an email from them. I wanted around 7 working days tonsee payment had been taken so thought my item should have been delivered by now. Problems begin. Was told that UPS are saying my address doesn't exist. Keeping in mind I order my hd25s the same way and have lived here for a while and no problems with anyone else. Was told that my item had be returned and I would need to reorder. At this point unasked why can't they just send me out another pair as we can see it was they courier company that has Costa problem but have been told thus can not be done. This is because Sennheiser uses an outside company for they customer service and they need to raise a ticket to see if this could be done. Only again to told via email that I have to wait 5 to 7 working days for a refund and reorder. You would think from such a high end company they would provide excellent customer service. However I found this not to be the case. If you want to purchase a product I would do through a different retailer as in a department store or Amazon to which I have done myself and got delivered within 24hr"